At Calligraphi.ca, we are a digital art gallery featuring calligraphy and hand-drawn typefaces. Calligraphy keeps continuing to prosper in the form of font design and typography, formal event invites,  original hand-lettered corporate logos, religious and fine art, visual layouts, announcements, and commissioned calligraphic fine art, and cut stone inscriptions. It is additionally used for film and television, testimonies, birth and death certifications, maps, and other created jobs.

Calligraphy is not just an useful technique for writing out one’s personality. It is also a distinct kind of expression and a division of discovering. As a self-control it is rich in content, consisting of the advancement of composing styles, development and rules of method, the past of calligraphy around the world, calligraphers and their inheritance in fine art, and analysis of calligraphy as a masterpiece.

Calligraphy is much less about handwriting and even more concerning attracting each and every letter. It’s about setting up a pacing and balanced movement as you write, giving you a consistency of forms and letters, and spaces in between words and lines.

The lovely embellishments of the pen, the structure of ink on the paper, and the unique feel of the calligrapher’s hand, produce an essential impression. The distinctively individual touch provided by our artistic calligraphy elevates the feeling of significance for any sort of celebration and permits your guests to understand that you thought of them in advance.

Ancient calligraphy developed for over 1000 years in various areas around the world. Modern calligraphy gives a fresh viewpoint on this ancient fine art.

Is calligraphy unexpectedly trendy? You might have viewed calligraphy workshops, publications and starter kits popping up everywhere lately.

Everybody likes to think that calligraphy is challenging yet if you simply break every letter down into its fundamental movements, you begin to see the patterns. It is the same point when it comes to valuing calligraphy as art, the more you note the infinite ranges of this fragile art kind, the more you appreciate it.